Mentor Coach Insights Your Relationship with Money Training

We know Jesus had a lot to say about money. We can each probably quote at least 10 adages pertaining to money. Yet, converting our knowledge to wisdom when it comes to greenbacks can be a daunting task. How do we look at money in general? And more specifically, how do we look at such things as: The valuation of services? Investing in the business? Paying ourselves? Paying it forward?

What: In this workshop, led by Cheryl, we will take the wisdom of the scriptures and examine our personal experiences with money, building a personalized paradigm to make our business work for us rather than against us.

During the Workshop, we will:

1. Explore surprising perspectives on wealth that come directly from the scriptures.

2. Examine key phrases that we adopted regarding our attitudes around money.

3. Challenge our thinking regarding money.

4. Build an individualized paradigm around how we will interact with money in our business.

Cost: FREE